“Being a health professional and a member of the younger generation, I am a person of science. For me, data and evidence is critical to take any decision or to explain any phenomenon. If it is unexplained, it may be a coincidence. This is how I have been trained. So you can imagine my dismissive comment when my mother said that an astrologer had told her that I would meet with an accident that year.  


Despite my training, I had been brought up to believe in God and divine interventions. My mother wanted me to go to Sri Vakrathunda Vinayagar temple, regularly. She felt that indeed, if the astrologer was right, perhaps Vinayagar would make it less painful in the event of the accident. 


It was 6am on a typical Sunday morning. We were all fast asleep when our neighbour knocked on our door asking us to come outside because she had heard a loud noise. To our horror, we found my parked car rammed from behind, its rear wheels on the ground, its front forcefully thrust between the curb and the old tree in front of our home. Someone had hit my car from behind and took off.  


As I saw that, I felt a shiver run down my spine. If this had happened one week later, the following Sunday morning (say), I would have been in the car, at that time, getting ready for work. For my mother this was proof enough that the astrologer was right and indeed it was divine intervention that I was not sitting in the car at that very moment. For me, however, it was a mere coincidence.  


Just as I was sorting through my paperwork for my car, so that I could report to the police and to lodge a claim with my insurer, I discovered that my car’s registration was going to expire on the very night of the accident. Obviously, had it expired, it would have been more challenging for me to report to the police and to make the insurance claim. The worst part is that I had absolutely no idea, as I had not paid attention to it. Once again, I felt this was just another coincidence that the registration had to expire on that night. 


As I called the police to report the accident, I got the final astonishing information. A patrolling police car had seen the fleeing car and was chasing after it and was able to arrest the driver. Why was there a patrol car that night, on my usually lonely street out of all the streets of my suburb? Was this another random event? 


Surely not. This was the clincher. This one day changed my life and the way I saw the world.  


Like in folk tales, I didn’t hear God’s voice; He didn’t come in my dreams; But there was this string of coincidences—a prediction, a near-miss, an expiring registration and the very timely capture of the culprit, with no loss of limb or life, cannot be anything else but Sri Vakrathunda Vinayagar’s blessing. I was finally convinced; my regular visits and prayers is what saved me."