Like Kavignar Kannathaasan said: Ninaippathellaam Nadanthuvittaal Deivam Ver Onrum Illai (if everything we wished for happened, then there is no such thing as God). When struggles in life loom over us, that is when most of us turn to religion. I witnessed and experienced Sri Vakrathunda Vinayagar's grace and power when I thought I was walking on quicksand, when each and every step in life was seemingly hopeless and helpless. 


When we first arrived in Melbourne from Sri Lanka, we hadn’t been equipped to deal with the Western culture, to tackle the language barrier or to deal with the lack of our support network. We had three mouths to feed and two of them needed additional educational support to fit in and to meet the academic standards of Australia.  The savings from back home could only last so long, and financial security was unattainable to us.  


Desperation clung to us like second skin, so  my husband and I  scrounged  for jobs, willing to look at all  opportunities. When all we were faced  with was  one failure after another, one crushing blow after another, it eroded on our family’s peace. Our happiness crumbled each day, one  piece at a time.  Even the weather seemed to compound our despair: the gloomy days of winter, the dark and oppressive clouds, the biting cold wind and the pounding rain just worsened it all.  


Just as we were beginning to lose hope, we found Sri Vakrathunda Vinayagar. He saved us. One day,  in my dreams,  I had just returned from praying  at the Sri Vakrathunda Vinayagar temple when  I dreamt of an old man. He took my hands and led me to a small wooden  coin box.  As he put a few coins into that box and offered it to me, he proclaimed that it was from the Sri Vakrathunda Vinayagar temple.  


That was it. I woke up. I couldn’t recall his face, appearance or voice. All I remembered was that simple box and the blanket of warmth and reassurance, which had rushed through me. I had almost forgotten this dream had happened until a few days later when the miracle  happened. My husband was  offered a job.  


It wasn’t a job that would let us have a lavish lifestyle, and it wasn’t a job that was going to push us right back into darkness and desperation. It was just right for us and our family. That wooden box was Sri Vakrathunda Vinayagar’s metaphor to tell me that He would save us—that we no longer must fight to stay afloat and this job would become our buoy of survival.  Like the small  wooden box  that job was just enough.  It was just right. He saved us when we thought all hope was lost, just when we were about to hit rock bottom.  


He not only gave us the financial security we were  desperately searching for, but also returned our happiness, strengthened our love and restored our family’s peace."