“I was an ardent devotee of Vinayagar, even when I was a small boy. I used to pray to the Vinayagar under the tree every day, on my way to school back home in Sri Lanka.  


When I came to Australia and was given an opportunity to participate in the building of the Sri Vakrathunda Vinayagar temple in Melbourne, in 1992, I felt, it was a calling from that same “Marathadi Vinayagar”. I readily took it up, and thoroughly enjoyed it. More importantly I felt that this was bringing me closer to Vinayagar. 


Suddenly one day in April 1998, as we were taking part in a public function, my wife collapsed. We rushed her in an ambulance to a nearby hospital. We soon discovered that one side of her was totally paralysed, and she could not move. The attendant cardiologist said that she has had a massive stroke. She was almost unconscious for many hours, upon consulting her usual cardiologist, this was confirmed, and the cardiologist went on to say, that she will not be able to recover from this. That she would need help to simply do her day to day chores. This was particularly exacerbated, as she already had a latent heart problem. 


This totally devastated me. I still had a small daughter to look after, and I would become the sole bread winner in the family. I simply did not know how I could survive.  


I went to the temple, prayed my heart out and said that only He can help me through this. I prayed and prayed for my wife’s full recovery. At the same time, I took extra care to help her with rehabilitation every day. I took several weeks leave from my work and stayed with her to help her speedy recovery. 

Miraculously, she began to improve slowly but steadily. Soon, she was almost normal, the only sign of the stroke was a mild discomfort. 


She went back to work and in fact has continued to do so ever since and she has even been promoted in her role several times. 


Today, as I sit back and see the events that happened that year, I am absolutely certain it was the divine grace of Sri Vakrathudna Vinayagar, that my wife is living an almost normal life considering the massive stroke event that occurred in her life."