“I had just been elected as the new President of the temple and the previous three years were probably the most turbulent years of the Sangam, which had been embroiled in a major litigation between the Board of Trustees (BOT) and the old Management Committee.  As a result of this litigation, the management of the Sangam had passed onto the hands of the BOT.  


One of the very first tasks that I had to undertake was to find permanent priests. Through my past contacts with other Priests, we were able to identify and select Gowrieswara Kurukkal. We also wanted a second priest. In this quest, I went to India and through a friend of a friend was able to interview two highly recommended priests. I then selected one of them. When I returned to Melbourne, and wanted to organise the visa papers, to prepare the Sponsorship documents, I came across a letter that had been signed by the previous President of the Sangam to the same Priest that I had selected, with a note stating that he had been selected for the job and that he should prepare to depart India, upon receiving the visa.  


In the meanwhile, the management of the Sangam had passed to the BOT, who did not have any idea of this letter and selected someone totally different.  


So after, a period of three years, since the previous President had interviewed and selected and sent the letter, the exact same priest had been selected by me, without any knowledge of the previous selection outcome. 


I sincerely believe this is Sri Vakrathunda Vinayagar’s work. He wanted the priest to come here and work for him, hence He found his way to make that happen. In a country with easily a million priests, why should I eventually end up selecting the same priest?”