Terms and Conditions

1. Errors, Omissions & Modifications

We acknowledge that from time to time our website may contain errors, typo’s and omissions. Minor, non-material errors, typo’s or omissions do not in any way void any part of our ‘terms and conditions’ or other policy documents.

We update our ‘terms and conditions’ or other policy documents from time to time as procedures, software or services change or are updated. Please refer back to our ‘terms and conditions’ and other policy documents regularly.

Please contact us with any queries regarding any of our policies, terms and conditions that you do not understand.


2. Online Donations

The option to donate online is provided as a convenience to devotees who regularly donate to support the ongoing maintenance of Sri Vakrathunda Vinayagar Temple and its ongoing activities in the community. If you are a visitor to our website, you are welcome to make a donation but should feel no obligation to make a financial contribution using this online facility. Donations can be made by –

  1. Bank Details (BSB & Account Number, Account Name) are provided to enable direct bank credits.
  2. Credit Card Donations are processed using Commbank's Simplify platform.


3. Archanais, Pooja and Services registration

Online bookings for temple's services like Archanai, poojais can also be collected and processed through our website and paid for by credit card/Debit card via our payment provider - Commbank Simplify. Upon successful receipt of payment, Commbank shall provide the devotee with a receipt for the payment.


4. Types of Credit Cards

We currently accept VISA and MASTERCARD cards via Simplify that are issued in Australia. We also accept payments via direct bank account transfer.


5. Receipts

You will receive a receipt via email from Commbank's Simplify confirming your transaction.


6. Currency

All online transactions from MVHS website are processed in Australian Dollars (AUD).


7. Refund Policy

Online donation:

Please check carefully with all donation payment amounts prior to completing your transaction. We do not normally give refunds on donations if you simply change your mind. However, if you believe an error has been made in connection with processing of an online donation, please contact us our temple office immediately to discuss the options.

Services and Poojai bookings:

Refunds will not be given if your Archanai/poojai registration is cancelled within 1 day of the event's registered timeslot. All refunds are subject to a 2% , non-refundable, surcharge to cover online transaction fees and administration. Refunds should be requested via the contact us page or by phoning the Temple office on +61 (0) 436 001 881. Refunds will be made to the credit card used to pay for the original registration.