The Melbourne Vinayagar Hindu Sangam is proud to launch its E-Calendar for all its devotees, and members. This Calendar reflects all the events and times that the hard copy calendar of the Sri Vakrathunda Vinayagar Temple, contains.

This E calendar will be available for free, as a downloadable version. The idea of the E-Calendar is for devotees to be able to download from the associated link. 

The Temple events calendar

This calendar provides all important events of the temple temple such as Chathurthi, Karthigai, Pournami , Navarathiri, Sivarathiri, Thaipoosam etc.

How to Calendar downloads

Calendar files are file types used by international standards to import and export calendars between devices. Devotees can download the calendar to their personal computer, Apple or Android devices, to remind them about daily auspicious times, festivals and special pooja as celebrated in the Sri Vakrathunda Vinayagar Temple.

How to import the calendar to your device

  1. Calendar files have an extension ‘ics’.
  2. Double Click on the attachment in your personal/portable devices
  3. You will get an option to “add all”
  4. Select “add all” all the events will be imported to your device.
  5. All done – Your personal device will remind you with temple events


if the button did not work for your device you can download the file from

Click here to download 2024 E-Calendar