Akanda Sahasranama Archanai, 1 September to 9 September

Due to the prolonged lockdowns in Victoria, Sri Vakrathunda Vinayagar Temple will not be holding Bavanothsavam celebrations this year. For this year alone, it will be replaced with Akanda Sahasranama Archanai from Sept to 9 Sept.

During the Kali Yuga naama sangeerthana (chanting the name of the Lord) is considered the most powerful and favoured form of worship to attain protection from evil forces and blessings for a happy and healthy life from Lord Vakrathunda Vinayagar. 

The pooja will be live streamed on the Temple’s YouTube and Facebook channels so devotees can follow the Sahasranama. Please contact the Temple Office to book. 

Two daily slots are available for sponsorship with each slot costing $51. 1st slot – 6:00pm Sangalpam, 6:15pm Sahasranama chanting, followed by deeparadhanai  

7:15pm Daily Pooja2nd slot – 8:00pm Sangalpam, 8:15pm Sahasranama chanting, followed by deeparadhanai 

Both morning and evening slots will be available to book on the final day, 9 Sept. 

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