Durga Sangabhishekam / Aadi Pooram – Tuesday 10 August 2021

Sri Vakrathunda Vinayagar Temple will be celebrating the last Aadi Sevvai with Durga Sangabhishekam. This year is especially auspicious with the last Aadi Sevvai coinciding with Aadi Pooram. 

Aadi maasam is incredibly auspicious for Goddess Shakthi. Over the month the Temple has been praising Goddess Shakthi in her many forms. Devotees are invited to participate in celebrations for the last Aadi Sevvai and gain the blessings of Goddess Shakthi for wealth and happiness.

Sponsorship is available for Durga Sangabhishekam at $50, please contact the Temple Office to book. 

Durga Sangabhishekam Timing

10:00am Sangalpam

followed by Durga Homam

Siva Durgai Abhishekam

Siva Durgai Sangabhishekam 

Aadi Pooram / Aadi Sevvai 4th week Timing

6:30pm Aadi Pooram / Aadi Sevvai Sangalpam 

Abhishekam for Goddess Abirami 

Daily pooja, followed by Vasantha Manda Pooja and perambulation of Ambaal

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