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Article on Granite

Did you Know

  • Shivalingam

    Worship of the Almighty in Hinduism ranges from God without form(arupa) and God with a form(rupa). The Rupa manifests in the whole pantheon of Hindu gods, starting with Ganesha. The third which can be considered both as form and formless (rupaarupa) is the Shivalingam. The word lingam in Sanskrit means symbol. The dome above the moolasthaanam called Vimaanam is the Continue Reading

  • Gangaadara murthy

    Bhagiratha performed immense  tapas for years to bring mother Ganga down to earth. When he received his boon the issue was that the world would have moved from drought to deluge. The munificent Mahadeva held out his locks so that, mother Ganga would be controlled and flow restrained on to earth. One hand is holding his locks up so that Continue Reading