Canteen Roster

MVHS Canteen Roster- ongoing with full team

1st Tuesday1st Friday1st Saturday1st Saturday1st Sunday1st Sunday
Aparna SivanathanGanesh KumarSumaGaneshguhaParesh
Gagan DoreenKarthikSujayVanaja Sunitha
Anand HaveriBhavani Vaishalini SivaMohanrajKameshwari
Venkat Priya JothiPrasanna
    Jeya Naresh
2nd Tuesday2nd Friday2nd  Saturday2nd  Saturday2nd Sunday2nd Sunday
Aparna MoganMayuranSatishSundararajanMalathi
SivahamiVasanthi Youth Group 1SarasSatheesh BerwickVanaja
KavithaVasantha  ViswanadhN G MoorthiSashi
 Anita RajeshSubhaAngavai
3rd Tuesday3rd Friday3rd Saturday3rd Saturday3rd Sunday3rd Sunday
AparnaGanesanGanesh PillaiKadiresanParamesShashi Yadabettu
MohanMaha Youth Group 2AnudeepaJayanthi Ram Muddam
RavikrishnaSubramaniam RithvikUthayasankar Sudha
4th Tuesday4th Friday4th Saturday4th Saturday4th Sunday4th Sunday
Aparna RamanaaAmirdeshGanesanSivakumarUthayasankar
MohanShobaYouth Group 3Maha PuvanaMalathi
RavikrishnaManu SubramaniamSinthujaParesh
Satheesh BerwickVivek ViswanadhThanusha 
5th Tuesday 5th Friday5th Saturday5th Saturday5th Sunday5th Sunday
DinnerDinnerLunchDinnerLunch Dinner
Doreen SivanathanSivakumarShashi YadabettuKarthikSatheesh Berwick
and teamDoreenPuvana SubhaPriyaN G Moorthi

Roles and Responsibilities Canteen Volunteers

Arrive at least 15 mins before the start of the canteen.

Ensure the following:

a.      The Previous shift is closed in the Oolio system.

b.      The Eftpos is reset to zero.

c.       The Kitchen Serving area and Hall are clean and the tables are also wiped clean. If this is not the case, ensure that this is done, notify and Kitchen in- charge ( Ganesan.

d.      The heater / Air conditioning is turned on.

e.      Check with the cooks at opening time if the pre prepared food, such as iddli, Sambar, Vadai, Kurma, Kotthu Roti, Chutney etc are all completed and ready.

f.        Ensure enough Laddu and or mixture is available and handy for sale.

g.      Check to ensure Lassie is in the serving cups.

h.      Ensure Coffee, Tea and Masala tea are ready for service.

i.        Drinking Cups,  plates, straws, Napkins, Sugar and salt containers  are available and ready for use by patrons.

j.        At the time of starting the canteen, ensure the board is properly turned around in the front  canteen is “open” and the main notice board  lights up.

k.       Check that all the TV’s are on and the Menu is properly displayed.

l.        Check that the Bain Marie and the Milk boiler is switched on before the service.

j. The Bain Mari temperature should be set at 60 degrees.